E-Waste Recycling FAQs 

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Q.) Do you offer pick-up or logistic services? 

A.) Yes, we offer pick-up services on appointment basis. Contact us to schedule a pick-up service. 

Q.) What happens to the data on my computer and/or devices?

A.) All data on Data storage devices are wiped and sanitized in compliance with the NIST 800-88 International Standard for data destruction. 

Q.) Why should I recycle my electronics?

A.) Recycling electronic components help recover and generate materials that can be reused in the manufacturing of new items without the need to excavate our Earth’s limited resources to extract the same materials and elements that we already have available in old computers, this being a key point in preserving the health of the environment and minimizing pollution and our carbon footprint.

Q.) What do you do with the unneeded inventory? 

A.)Once your equipment is picked up by our staff, it is taken to our facility for proper sorting and separating, it is classified to be either true end of life or repairable and/or reusable equipment. All end of life (EOL) equipment is palletized, weight, logged and securely wrapped for transporting it to its final downstream processing facility, where it will be crushed and smelted to extract the many raw materials used to manufacture them in the first place.

Q.) Can my equipment be withheld from refurbishing and have it destroyed? 

A.) Yes. Upon request, we will process the contents to be dismantled or destroyed from their original physical state. A certificate of destruction will be provided once the contents have been processed. 


Q.) Is there a fee for electronic recycling services? 

A.) In most cases, there is no cost to recycle your electronics. However, there may be an additional cost when a certificate of destruction is requested. 


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