We Provide Secure Data Destruction and Electronics Recycling Services
Our process 

We use the latest equipment and tools to wipe or physically destroy data, hard drives, and electronics. Once they are collected from your company we ensure all material is inventoried and processed, before being securely wiped or physically destroyed. 

Tec-Com Recycle offers two solutions.
1.) Certified Data Erasure

All data is sanitized from computers, cell phones, and hard drives while maintaining the physical integrity of the product. We use specialized encrypted technology to sanitize all intellectual data from hard drives and mobile devices. 

2.) Certified Hard Drive Destruction 

We completely destroy the physical data storage media and electronic devices to ensure that any data is eliminated. We operate our machinery to shred media, hard drives and electronics into small fractions to ensure that products cannot be reused or reused. For an additional cost, a Certificate of Destruction will be available upon request. 


Certificate of Destruction 
We offer documentation for the destruction process of your contents. 
Block Chain Process Movement 
From the moment our staff picks up your IT equipment. Tec-Com Recycle will document, track the movement, and control of your inventory. This provides safeguards against the misuse of your inventory. 


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